Mary E. Risner


This volume provides a valuable assessment of the current professional development needs of LSP educators in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). It presents the outcomes of the LSP Teacher Training Summer School (TRAILS) project, co-funded by the European Commission and Erasmus+. The TRAILS project aims to design and develop appropriate curriculum for quality LSP professional development and ultimately better prepared LSP teachers. The volume includes a Foreword by the editors, and is divided into four main parts. Part I highlights historical and current work in the field of LSP as it relates to professional development. Part II provides the results from the TRAILS quantitative and qualitative surveys implemented to identify LSP training needs. Part III synthesizes the survey results and shares some pilot LSP curricula already integrated into the TRAILS trainings. The volume closes with a fourth section featuring unique models of innovative LSP activities that can serve as models to enhance future courses to meet the demands of the rapidly changing multilingual workplace. While this collection of papers examines one regional context, it serves as a foundational contribution to fill the gaps of research in the field of LSP around the globe.


LSP professional development; LSP curriculum; TRAILS project; needs analysis; languages.

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